Investors Information

Investors Information

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Annual Report 2017-18

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Unaudited Financial Results-30.09.2018

Unaudited Financial Results-30.06.2018

Audited Financial Results-31.03.2018

Unaudited Financial Results-31.12.2017

Unaudited Financial Results-30.09.2017

Unaudited Financial Results 30.06.2017

Audited Financial Results 30.05.2017

Unadudited Financial Results 31.12.2016

Unaudited Financial Results 30.09.2016

Unaudited Financial Results 30.06.2016

Audited Financial Results 31.03.2016

Unaudited Financial Results 31.12.2015

Unaudited Financial Results 30.09.2015

Unaudited Financial Results 30.06.2015

Audited Financial Results 31.03.2015

Unaudited Financial Results 31.12.2014

Unaudited Financial Results 30.09.2014

Unaudited Financial Results 30.06.2014

Audited Financial Results 31.03.2014

Unaudited Financial Results 31.12.2013

Unaudited financial Results 30.09.2013

Unaudited Financial Results 30.06.2013

Audited Financial Results 31.03.2013

Unaudited Financial Results 31.12.2012

Unaudited Financial Results 30.09.2012

Unaudited Financial Results 30.06.2012

Audited Financial Results 31.03.2012

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Report-30-09-2018

Corporate Governance Report-30-06-2018

Corporate Governance Report 31.03.2018

Corporate Governance Report 31.12.2017

Corporate Governance Report 30.09.2017

Corporate Governance Report 30.06.2017

Corporate Governance Report 31.03.2017

Corporate Governance Report 31.12.2016

Corporate Governance Report 30.09.2016

Corporate Governance Report 30.06.2016

Corporate Governance Report 31.03.2016

Corporate Governance Report 31.12.2015

Corporate Governance Report 30.09.2015

Corporate Governance Report 30.06.2015

Corporate Governance Report 31.03.2015

Corporate Governance Report 31.12.2014

Corporate Governance Report 30.09.2014

Corporate Governance Report 30.06.2014

Corporate Governance Report 31.03.2014

Corporate Governance Report 31.12.2013

Corporate Governance Report 30.09.2013

Corporate Governance Report 30.06.2013

Corporate Governance Report 31.03.2013

Term and Conditions for Appointment of Independent Directors

Compliance Officer

Archival Policy

Code of Conduct for Board of Directors and Senior Management

Code of Conduct of Insider Trading

Policy for Determination of Materiality

Policy for Nomination and Remuneration

Policy for Preservation of Documents

Policy for Related Party Transaction

Policy for Risk Management

Policy for Vigil Machanism

Shareholder Pattern

Shareholding Pattern 30.09.2018

Shareholding Pattern 30.06.2018

Shareholding Pattern 31.03.2018

Shareholding Pattern 31.12.2017

Shareholding Pattern 30.09.2017

Shareholding Pattern 30.06.2017

Shareholding Pattern 31.03.2017

Shareholding Pattern 31.12.2016

Shareholding Pattern 30.09.2016

Shareholding Pattern 30.06.2016

Shareholding Pattern 31.03.2016

Shareholding Pattern 31.12.2015

Shareholding Pattern 30.09.2015

Shareholding Pattern 30.06.2015

Shareholding Pattern 31.03.2015

Shareholding Pattern 31.12.2014

Shareholding Pattern 30.09.2014

Shareholding Pattern 30.06.2014

Shareholding Pattern 31.03.2014

Shareholding Pattern 31.12.2013

Shareholding Pattern 30.09.2013

Shareholding Pattten 30.06.2013

Shareholding Pattern 31.03.2013

Shareholding Pattern 31.12.2012

Shareholdin Pattern 30.09.2012

Shareholding Pattern 30.06.2012

Shareholding Pattern 31.03.2012

Notices and Voting Results

Revised Prior Intimation of Board Meeting-23-11-2018

Prior Intimation Of Board Meeting-23-11-2018

Prior Intimation Of Board Meeting-14-11-2018

Corrigendum to the Notice of 33rd AGM

Notice of AGM-29-09-2018

Prior Board Meeting Intimation- 13-08-2018

Prior Board Meeting Intimation- 30-05-2018

Prior Board Meeting Intimation- 22-05-2018

Prior Board Meeting Intimation 07.03.2018

Prior Board Meeting Intimation 05.02.2018

Prior Board Meeting Intimation 14.11.2017

Chairman and Scrutinizer Report AGM 2017

Annual General Meeting Notice 28.09.2017

Prior Board Meeting Intimation 11.08.2017

Annual General Meeting Notice 30.09.2016

Annual General Meeting Notice 29.09.2015

Prior Board Meeting Intimation 30.05.2017

Prior Board Meeting Intimation 13.02.2017

Prior Board Meeting Intimation 11.11.2016

Prior Board Meeting Intimation 08.08.2016

Prior Board Meeting Intimation 30.05.2016

Prior Board Meeting Intimation 13.02.2016

Prior Board Meeting Intimation 14.11.2015

Prior Board Meeting Intimation 11.08.2015

Prior Board Meeting Intimation 30.05.2015

Prior Board Meeting Intimation 12.02.2015

Prior Board Meeting Intimation 11.11.2014

Prior Board Meeting Intimation 12.08.2014

Prior Board Meeting Intimation 30.05.2014

Chairman and Scruitinizer Report AGM 2016

Chairman and Scruitinizer Report AGM 2015

Fair Practice Code

Fair Practice Code

Contact Information of Designated Official for Redressal of Investor Complaints

Contact Information of Designated Official for Redressal of Investor Complaints

Familiarization Programme

Familiarization Programme

Scrutinizers Report

Scrutinizers Report-01-10-2018

Voting Results

Voting Results-01-10-2018.pdf