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Company Profile

Sonal Mercantile Limited (“The Company”) is in financial Services Since 1985. It has grown deep and wide during more than 31 years with excellent services. The Company was originally incorporated as public Limited company in the name as Sonal Mercantile Limited with the Registrar of Companies on 04th November, 1985 having registration no. 022433. The Company's shares are listed on BSE Limited since February, 2015.

The Company is also registered as Non Banking Financing Company (NBFC) with Reserve Bank of India (RBI), New Delhi vide Registration No. B-14.02393. to carry on the business of non banking financial institution without accepting public deposits under Section 451A of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. The Company has primarily focused on inter corporate loans, personal loans, long term and short term loans, Trade financing, Bills Discounting, Project Appraisal, Loans against Guarantee and Properties and also engaged in Trading in shares & securities and arbitrage business in stock and commodity market.

The client is the focal point of all our activities. We are committed to providing our client with excellent, innovative and fast solutions across all business segments. We want to be the preferred financial institutions for our clients as they enjoy distinct service culture.

Mr. Deep Chand Singhal, Mr. Gopal Bansal, Mr. Sunil Kumar and Mr. Vishnu Mittal are the promoter of the Company who have the vast experience in running the business of the company effectively and efficiently. Our Board of Directors consisting of experienced and qualified professionals, overview all the strategic decisions and overall growth of our Company. The Philosophy of our Management involves building relationship with our employees, clients as well as business associates. We are committed to our corporate citizenship, promoting the common good in the community where we operate.